Thursday, October 27, 2016

State of the Union: Fall 2016


Full Season Ordered: American Housewife, Designated Survivor, Speechless

Canceled: Notorious*

No Further Episodes Ordered: Conviction*

*The episode order for Notorious was cut from 13 to 10 episodes, effectively canceling the series, though all episodes are scheduled to air. Conviction will not receive further episodes, effectively canceling it, but ABC plans to air all 13 that were produced.


Full Season Ordered: Bull, The Great Indoors, Kevin Can Wait, MacGyver, Man with a Plan*

No Further Episodes Ordered: Pure Genius*

*Both The Great Indoors and Man with a Plan received 6 additional episodes, for first-season runs of 19 episodes. Pure Genius will end its first season at 13 episodes, effectively canceling it.

The CW

No Further Episodes Ordered: Frequency, No Tomorrow


Full Season Ordered: Lethal Weapon

No Further Episodes Ordered: The Exorcist, Pitch

*Son of Zorn was designed to be 13 episodes only, due to the lengthy production process of its animated/live-action hybrid format.


Full Season Ordered: This Is Us, Timeless*

*Timeless received an order for an additional 3 episodes, bringing its first season to 16 episodes. This Is Us's first season will have a total of 18 episodes. The first season of The Good Place was designed (per actor contracts) to be only 13 episodes.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pilot Reviews: No Tomorrow & Frequency

Back in May, The CW had very few changes to make to its primetime schedule. Their roster of shows is steady in the ratings, with The Flash often out-rating the Big Four, and even their lesser-viewed shows were huge critical successes; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, for example, became the network's second show in a row to pick up the Golden Globe for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series and then won a pair of Emmys last month for its editing and choreography, the first for any show on The CW. With the acquisition of Supergirl from sister network CBS, The CW had very few holes to plug. But not ones to rest on their laurels, the net has debuted two new shows this fall: the apocalyptic romantic comedy No Tomorrow and time-travel cop drama Frequency, neither of which, unfortunately, come close to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin, or the DC shows.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pilot Review: Conviction

Conviction (Mondays at 10:00 on ABC)

As I was watching the premiere of Conviction last night, there was one nagging question I couldn't get out of my head. No, it wasn't the question of who committed the crime on screen, or if the convicted murderer was truly guilty. The question I couldn't stop thinking about was how a show with a cast full of such likable actors could be such a chore to sit through.