Saturday, November 5, 2016

Midseason Schedule 2016-2017: Fox



8:00 - 24: Legacy (NEW - Beginning February 6)
8:00 - Gotham (Beginning April 24)
9:00 - APB (NEW - Beginning February 6)
9:00 - Lucifer (Beginning May 1)

Gotham and Lucifer both have full-season orders, but they go on extended hiatus following their January 30th airings. 24: Legacy will get a special premiere after the Super Bowl on February 5, with the series continuing with a new episode the following night leading into the premiere of APB. Both new shows end their runs in April, when Gotham and Lucifer return; their seasons will extend into the summer.


8:00 - New Girl (Beginning January 3)
8:00 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (New Timeslot - Beginning April 11)
8:30 - The Mick (NEW - Beginning January 3)
9:00 - Bones (New Timeslot - Beginning January 3)
9:00 - Prison Break (NEW - Beginning April 4)

The Mick will premiere on New Year's Day following a football double header, with its timeslot premiere following on Tuesday. Also on New Year's Day, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will air a one-hour winter finale before going on hiatus, and it will return to replace New Girl in April. Bones joins the night for its final, 12-episode season before the reboot/extension of Prison Break makes its long-delayed premiere on April 4.


8:00 - Lethal Weapon (Beginning January 4)
8:00 - Shots Fired (NEW - Beginning March 22)
9:00 - Star (NEW - Beginning January 4)
9:00 - Empire (Beginning March 22)

Lethal Weapon was the only Fox freshman to receive a back order, and it will have to fly without the halo effect of airing before Empire beginning in January. Star will air its first episode on December 14, after the Empire fall finale, before assuming the 9:00 slot for the rest of its run. Both shows end their runs on March 15, with Empire returning the following week and Shots Fired premiering alongside it.


8:00 - Hell's Kitchen (New Timeslot - Beginning January 5)
8:00 - Masterchef Junior (New Timeslot - Beginning February 9)
9:00 - My Kitchen Rules (NEW - Beginning January 12)
9:00 - Kicking & Screaming (NEW - Beginning March 9)

After a rocky go of it this fall, Fox will abandon scripted programming on Thursday nights. The new competition cooking series My Kitchen Rules will replace struggling drama Pitch, which airs its season finale on December 8, in January. Hell's Kitchen moves from Fridays to Thursdays to finish its season, followed by the season premiere of Masterchef Junior in early February. Once Kitchen finishes its run, it's replaced by yet another new reality series, Kicking & Screaming.


8:00 - Rosewood (New Timeslot - Beginning January 6)
9:00 - Sleepy Hollow (Beginning January 6)

After completely collapsing on Thursdays without Empire to prop it up, Rosewood gets banished to Fridays in a time swap with Hell's Kitchen. It will lead into the new season of Sleepy Hollow, which replaces The Exorcist following its season finale on December 16.


7:30 - Bob's Burgers (Beginning March 5)
8:00 - The Simpsons
8:30 - Son of Zorn
8:30 - Making History (NEW - Beginning March 5)
9:00 - Family Guy
9:30 - Bob's Burgers (New Timeslot - Beginning January 8)
9:30 - The Last Man on Earth (Beginning March 5)

The Sunday night lineup will be slightly tweaked for a few weeks as Bob's Burgers moves behind Family Guys through February 19, which is also when Son of Zorn's season finale airs. New comedy Making History will assume the empty timeslot on March 5, with Bob's Burgers moving back to 7:30 and The Last Man on Earth returning to finish its third season the same night.

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