Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Midseason Schedule: Fox

UPDATED FEBRUARY 11 - Changes to Thursday & Sunday Nights

Fox is making some major midseason changes, thanks in part to the total failure of freshman Minority Report and once-great-but-greatly-fallen Sleepy Hollow. They'll debut two new comedies and three new dramas, including the limited-run revival of The X-Files, while sidelining The Last Man on Earth and Bones.


8:00 - The X-Files (NEW - Beginning January 25)
8:00 - Gotham (Beginning February 29)
9:00 - Lucifer (NEW - Beginning January 25)

As previously announced, the six-episode run of The X-Files will premiere on Sunday, January 24 following the NFC Championship game before relocating to its permanent spot on Mondays at 8:00 the next night. Gotham resumes its timeslot after The X-Files ends, paired with new comic book drama Lucifer. (Minority Report airs its season finale in November.)


8:00 - New Girl (Beginning January 5)
8:30 - Grandfathered (New Timeslot - Beginning January 5)
9:00 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (New Timeslot - Beginning January 5)
9:30 - The Grinder (New Timeslot - Beginning January 5)

Veteran New Girl comes off the bench to lead off a revamped two-hour comedy block, with Brooklyn Nine-Nine moving from Sundays to anchor the 9:00 hour and lead-in to the The Grinder. Grandfathered and New Girl are a good pair, and, tonally, so are B99 and The Grinder, so we'll see if the shake-up works out for Fox. (Scream Queens airs its season finale in December.)


8:00 - American Idol (Beginning January 6)
8:00 - Rosewood (Beginning March 2)
9:00 - Second Chance (NEW - Beginning January 13)
9:00 - Empire (Beginning March 30)

American Idol kicks off its final season with a two-hour premiere on January 6. It'll then lead-in to Second Chance, which is going through yet another title change after being formally announced in May as The Frankenstein Code and in August as Lookinglass. The freshman drama ends its run in March to make way for the second half of Rosewood and Empire's seasons.


8:00 - American Idol (Beginning January 7)
8:00 - Bones (Beginning April 14)
9:00 - American Grit (NEW - Beginning April 14)

American Idol wraps its fifteen season run on April 7, making way for the return of Bones and new military-inspired competition series American Grit, hosted by John Cena, in which contestants have to complete survival and military-grade challenges for a chance at one million dollars.


8:00 - Masterchef Junior (Beginning January 8)
8:00 - Sleepy Hollow (New Timeslot - Beginning February 5)
9:00 - Hell's Kitchen (Beginning January 15)

Masterchef Junior airs a two-hour episode on January 8 before leading into the new season of Hell's Kitchen the following week. Once Masterchef Junior's season ends, Sleepy Hollows moves into the 8:00 slot for the remainder of its third-season run. (World's Funniest Fails finishes its run on December 18.)


7:00 - Bordertown (NEW - Beginning March 6)
7:30 - Bob's Burgers (Beginning January 10)
8:00 - The Simpsons (Beginning January 3)
8:30 - Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life (NEW - Beginning January 3)
9:00 - Family Guy (Beginning January 3)
9:30 - Bordertown (NEW - Beginning January 3)
9:30 - The Last Man on Earth (Beginning March 6)

New comedy Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life (which has also undergone a title change, reverting to its original script title after being announced as simply The Guide to Surviving Life) gets the plum post-The Simpsons slot, with Seth MacFarlane's new animated sitcom taking The Last Man on Earth's place for two months; Bordertown moves to 7:00 when Last Man returns in March.

Awaiting scheduling is the 10-episode miniseries Houdini & Doyle.

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