Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014-2015 Season: New Series Pick-Ups

Updated May 9. I'm going to forgo my usual fantasy schedules this year, but I'll still be tracking the fall schedules and the early series pick-ups, which got going today. See below for titles and loglines, and check back next week for the full schedules from upfronts, including full series descriptions.



Allegiance (formerly Coercion) - A CIA analyst specializing in Russian affairs learns that his parents are spies recently re-enlisted by the Kremlin to plan an attack on America.

Constantine - Based on the DC Comic Hellblazer, follows a British con-man-turned-occult-detective as he defends the world against dark forces.

The Mysteries of Laura - A modern look at a working mom, the titular homicide detective who is better at handling criminals than her own kids.

Odyssey - Families are torn apart when a Special Ops soldier in North Africa, a corporate lawyer, and a political activist are drawn into an international military conspiracy.

State of Affairs - A CIA analyst with a complicated personal life counsels the POTUS on high-stakes global incidents.


A to Z - A romantic comedy about a chance meeting that leads to a new relationship formed at an online dating company.

Bad Judge - A woman must balance her hard-partying, sexually ambitious personal life with her job as a criminal judge.

Marry Me - A long-term couple ponder whether or not to commit to married life.

Mission Control - A strong woman butts heads with a macho astronaut during the 1962 space race.

One Big Happy - A lesbian is impregnated with her straight male friend's baby just as he meets and marries the love of his life.



Empire - Contemporary musical/family drama set in the world of a hip-hop empire.

Gotham - An origins story of Gotham City's Commissioner Gordon and the villains that made the city famous.

Red Band Society - A comedic soap about teenage patients in a hospital's children's wing.


The Flash - Arrow spin-off following scientist Barry Allen after a freak accident grants him the power of super speed.

iZombie - Based on the DC Comic, a zombie med student takes a job in the coroner's office to gain unlimited access to the brains she must consume to maintain her humanity.

Jane the Virgin - A hard-working, religious Latina girl is accidentally artificially inseminated.

The Messengers - A group of strangers die when a mysterious object crashes to Earth, but they reawaken to prevent an impending Apocalypse.



Agent Carter - A spin-off of Marvel's Captain America films following Peggy Carter as a covert operative working for Howard Stark in the wake of losing Steve Rogers.

American Crime - A racially charged drama told from the point of view of the victims, the accused, and their families.

Forever - New York's top medical examiner solves criminal cases in an effort to help him discover why he is immortal.

How to Get Away with Murder - A legal thriller about four top law students fighting for the attention and mentoring of a brilliant professor and litigator.

Secrets & Lies -  After discovering a dead boy during his morning run, a man sees his life and small Southern town turned upside down in the wake of the murder investigation.

The Whispers - Aliens invade Earth and use children to achieve world domination.


Black-ish Following a promotion to "Urban" VP, a black man worries that he and his family have become assimilated and lost touch with their roots.

Cristela - A Mexican-American woman struggles to be her own person as she graduates law school while still upholding her family's traditional culture.

Fresh Off the Boat - A 12-year old and his Americanized Asian family move from Orlando to Chinatown, D.C. and experience a culture shock in their pursuit of the American Dream.

Galavant - A musical fairytale comedy that begins after the "happy ever after" happens.

Manhattan Love Story - Exposes the unfiltered thoughts of men and women to highlight the disparities between what we think and we say in relationships.

Selfie - A teenage girl who has thousands of online followers and friends decides it's time to make friends in real life.



CSI: Cyber - The FBI's Cyber Crimes Division investigates major crimes that originate online but play out in real life.

Madam Secretary - The female Secretary of State balances her personal and professional lives.

 NCIS: New Orleans - Spin-off set at the NCIS office in New Orleans, handling cases in the South and Midwest.

Scorpion - An eccentric genius and his international network of super-geniuses form the last line of defense against complex threats of the modern age

Stalker - A pair of detectives handle stalking incidents for the LAPD.


The McCarthys - The gay son of a big Irish Catholic Boston family's biggest sin isn't who he loves, but his desire to spend less time with his family.

The Odd Couple - Reboot of the classic series about mismatched roommates, starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon. 

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