Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2013 Fantasy Schedule: CW


8:00 - Beauty and the Beast
9:00 - Oxygen (NEW)

Both shows have a similar theme of a regular person in love with an extraordinary one (the Beast in the former, an alien in the latter). Plus, Beauty and the Beast is underperforming on Thursday and could easily be thrown to the wolves on Monday night against The Voice.


8:00 - Reign (NEW)
9:00 - Hart of Dixie

Reign is the only new show the CW has that could be seen as "traditional," so I think it will get paired with Hart of Dixie, the most normal show on the network. I also think the CW will try to avoid debuting a new show against The Voice here, so I think the veteran show will get pushed back to 9:00.


8:00 - Arrow
9:00 - Supernatural

This night is working very well for the CW, so I don't think they will touch it.


8:00 - The Vampire Diaries
9:00 - The Originals (NEW)

I don't think The Originals will do as well as the CW hopes, judging by the ratings for the April backdoor pilot, but it will hopefully retain more of the audience from The Vampire Diaries than any of its previous companions have.


8:00 - Nikita
9:00 - Encores / Reality

If the final season of Nikita truly is as short as it has been rumored to be (6 episodes), then I don't see the CW attempting to pair anything with it right away. Encores will also present an opportunity to showcase a new drama, much like they did with Arrow repeats this past year.


The CW has two other new shows, The 100 and The Tomorrow People, on tap, and I think they will be saved for midseason. The Carrie Diaries was renewed for a second season, and I think it will take over for Nikita on Fridays.

Bottom Line Predictions

New Series - The 100, The Originals, Oxygen, Reign, The Tomorrow People

Canceled Series - 90210, Cult, Emily Owens MD, Gossip Girl

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