Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pilot Review: NYC 22

NYC 22 (Sundays at 10:00 on CBS)

I have so little to say about CBS's newest... well, latest (it's hard to call it "new" when everything about it is such a cliche) police drama NYC 22. If you've seen just one episode of any given cop show in the history of television, you've seen everything the Robert DeNiro-produced procedural has to offer. It borrows heavily and shamelessly from NYPD Blue, Hill Street Blues and Rookie Blue, without any of the energy or interest of those shows. Everything about it is generic and dull, from the snooze-worthy title to the obvious plot developments to the run-of-the-mill characters.

I won't even bother with a synopsis. The pilot follows three pairs of rookies on their first day on the job. One pair gets to babysit a rotting corpse while the two others are on "foot patrol" and come into contact with rude old ladies and wannabe gang bangers. The characters have vague pasts (one is an ex-Marine, another a former NBA player, a third a former journalist, and the others are simply identified by their race) and even vaguer personalities; I don't actually recall anyone's names being mentioned, nor do I particularly care. Every rookie is simply a walking uniform. That's a real shame considering the cast includes Adam Goldberg and Leelee Sobieski. Terry Kinney is also on board, and he plays the Angry Training Officer. You know the character well: he's mean to the rookies for no reason, yells unnaturally loudly, and ends up being a tough love mentor.

NYC 22 is so dull, so boring, so cliche, so uninspired that I can't think of anything to say about it. In fact, I've thought more about synonyms for "dull" than I have about the show. It doesn't try to do anything new; there's no attempt at freshness. NYC 22 seems perfectly content in its mind-numbing mediocrity.

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