Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fall 2011 Fantasy Schedule - CW


8:00 - 90210
9:00 - Gossip Girl

The CW doesn't have much of a choice but to renew both of these series. Neither are performing as well as they used to, but then again every show on the network is down in ratings. So relatively speaking, both of these series are steady performers.


8:00 - One Tree Hill
9:00 - Hart of Dixie (NEW)

Even though One Tree Hill is planning a season finale that was meant to be a series finale, the creative team has recently expressed interest in returning next year. Given that Hellcats is stumbling and is the lowest rated show on the network in both A18-49 and the key CW demo W18-34, I can see the CW splurging for a final season of One Tree Hill. They seem to be happy, if reports from "insiders" are to be believed, with their medical drama Hart of Dixie, though I can't imagine Rachel Bilson being a believable doctor or a huge draw for the network. But it has the Southern charm of One Tree Hill, so it could be a decent pairing.

8:00 - America's Next Top Model
9:00 - Heavenly (NEW)

Early word on the script of Heavenly wasn't particularly strong, but apparently the network is happy with the end result. Like Cooper & Stone is the CW's first attempt at a police show, Heavenly is their first attempt at a law show. It will, of course, feature a younger-skewing twist (with the lawyer's partner being an angel), and putting it on Wednesday will offer some competition/crossover appeal with shows like Law & Order: SVU.


8:00 - The Vampire Diaries
9:00 - Secret Circle (NEW)

No brainer. Secret Circle is from the same producers, writers and source material as The Vampire Diaries. I'm sure they even have enough creative license to do cross-overs between the two shows if they wanted to.


8:00 - Nikita
9:00 - Supernatural

Nikita has been a steady performer for the CW, and it has drawn in more males to the network. It would make sense to replace one male-skewing show (Smallville) with another, and to then pair it with a well-performing male-skewing show (Supernatural).


In the past, the CW has not usually looked ahead to midseason. Then they end up with some crappy reality shows replacing any failed new series, or they end up ordering full seasons of low-rated new series. But if they launch three new shows in the fall, I don't see them picking up another drama for midseason; they'll likely explore more reality options for midseason then. There's also a small chance that Hellcats will be renewed for a half-season, just to re-test the waters, and one of the below dramas will debut midseason.

Bottom Line Predictions

Canceled - Hellcats, Life Unexpected, Smallville
New Series - Hart of Dixie, Heavenly, Secret Circle

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  1. Cooper & Stone instead of Heavenly.

    If they picked up Awakening, I'd be fine with them cancelling Nikita.